Where The Art Things Are

Is the brain child of Pippa Prescott after doing some art jamming in Hong Kong  and being an artist for many years, she has finally made the step and has made her hobby her job....

• I was introduced to Art Jamming in Hong Kong, where my sister, her daughter of 4 years and I went to a session at an art jamming studio. We had a fantastic experience and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the concept home to Perth as I knew of no one at the time that was running anything like it.
It’s a fantastic and affordable way to introduce painting to people and to revive the joy painting to those who haven’t painted perhaps since leaving primary school.

• I feel that people dismiss painting because they “think” or have been “told” that they can’t paint and think it’s something you need to be taught.
Painting is a lot of fun and as long as you’re not attached to the outcome it’s amazing what the results can be
• Painting is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, a great de-stresser, like a good meal and a glass of wine and God knows this world needs to have more fun and de-stressing.
There are a lot of activities out there that either a skill is needed for or physically challenging or worse still neither, Art Things will be all and none of this, and should be a great forum for fun, inspiration, therapy and will be pitched to all age groups and abilities.

Painting is the oldest form of communication
and we all have an inherent ability to draw and paint.