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Facebook - Zig Zig painting by the children at St Patrick days celebrations in K
Facebook - Zig Zig painting by the children at St Patrick days celebrations in K

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If you would like a chat to discuss where we fit with you, PLEASE don’t hesitate to call or drop me an email, Contact us



Where The Art Things Are 
is a place to be inspired,
For a.....
Fun filled and inspirational hours of creativity with your friends, family or work colleagues. We bring or send everything you need to paint a master piece.The Art Things offer this opportunity to people of all ages and abilities

The idea is to just have fun!


At Where the Art things are offer more than one thing;


  • Art Jamming workshops at recreational / learning centres, retirement villages and homes/hospices.

  • After school art

  • Activity kitsArt Box” that we post out to you or you can buy from us at a fair or festival.

  • Art Partys We come to your home, office, parks, wineries and even the beach to hold Birthday parties (6 and up), Christmas parties, Themed parties, Wine and cheese nights, Coffee mornings, Openings, Product launches, “Just because” parties, etc....

  • We run art activities at fairs and festivals for all ages

  • Art Tours in Africa We now have the opportunity to spread our easels further a field by offering Art Tours in Tanzania and beyond....teamed with a tour operator in Moshi near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania on the boarded with Kenya and with Haria Backpackers  is run by Team Vista, we are now able to offer tours of the Serengeti, the Mountain, Ngorongora crater and a visit to meet the Masa with the opportunity to paint with local artists to learn their technics......for more details go tours Art Tours page



Painting is the oldest form of communication 

and crosses all boundaries


wether your at one of our art jamming workshop, on tour or  you have one of our Art Boxes, you have a space were you can reconnect with your creative side, You know the one! The one you haven’t seen since school.... I can hear you say "I can’t paint", or "I haven’t painted before", well this is your chance to have a go. What’s the worst that can happen? You have a canvas covered in paint, unlike other activities we have a go at, that risks breaking a limb!  



We are very excited about adding a new page to our web site the "Artists Expose" page where we will be writing about artist that I meet around the world. If you have any one who you think would like to be included on this page please contact me


Art Box

painting kits now available

Buy Now 


Great gift 

and Holiday activity


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