Art Box's

The Art Boxes are handmade boxes, made from plain card and corrugated card. they have been designed to be a box for keeping your art kit together. 

The Art Box also holds the activity item be it a Fan, Lantern, painting canvas or Scratch book.


  • The paint comes in sets of three in a sleaves that fit into your Art Box

  • The brush sets come in a wrap that also fits in your Art Box



One off Items and large amounts


Things that do not fit into the Art Box will come individually; like the crowns, tiaras, top hats and masks 

Quantities of any item

Refills of paint.

New brushes to add to your brush wrap.




Our paints are a quality Australian made, no toxic, water based acrylic paint that washes out in water.

Our brushes are a top quality synthetic student brush in sets of 5

Where ever possible we have tried to choose robust materials for our activities though some may be less durable and this will be reflected in the pricing.